Ho'oponopono LomiLomi


I learned the "Ho'oponopono LomiLomi" according to the family tradition of Kumu Allen Kealaelia Alapa'i.

"Ho'oponopono" means to do something right, to establish balance (pono), to be in harmony with oneself, one's family, one's environment and one's community.
The human body holds four negative energies: fear, anger, jealousy and sadness. It is about releasing the resulting knots and blockages, because forgiveness is the key to healing.

"LomiLomi" means to soften, to soften and is the Hawaiian art of softening body, mind, spirit and especially the heart. This is achieved by using the correct protocol of prayers (pule), chants, (oli), songs (mele) and dance (hula).

LomiLomi is an ancient traditional Hawaiian healing work that uses many different techniques. It is known to be a wonderfully calming, flowing, gentle and relaxing experience.

What Ho'oponopono releases on the mental, emotional level, LomiLomi can release on the physical level.

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