Maori Healing


Maori Healing Massage comes from the heritage of the Maori people of New Zealand and is seen as part of a whole ritual. According to Maori tradition, we can only be as whole as our earth and when we heal ourselves, we heal it with us - an eternal cycle. In addition to our own well-being, great value is placed on our ancestors, ancestors and the entire power of Mother Earth, the so-called External Energies. It is important to connect to their power and wisdom.

Massage works along energy pathways in the body to release deeper blockages from our system. We ground ourselves and release feelings and ghosts of the past. By releasing old blockages, this type of massage can work wonders - it leaves you feeling deeply connected to yourself and the world around you and helps to let go of old pain. A stronger connection is built with ourselves and the earth to perceive external energies.

The massage starts on the back of the feet, works its way down the legs and back to the neck. From the side position you then move to the front. Pressure is applied to specific points on the energy pathways in order to release tension.

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